International a cappella Extravaganza 國際無伴奏音樂盛典

International a cappella Extravaganza 國際無伴奏音樂盛典

29 & 30 MAR (FRI & SAT) 7:30pm
Arena, Queen Elizabeth Stadium 伊利沙伯體育館表演場
Tickets 門票: $150

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Cluster (Italy 意大利)

Cluster, one of the best vocal groups in Italy, was founded by five students of the Niccolo Paganini Conservatory in 2004. Cluster pushes the voice towards new frontiers through innovative arrangements and advanced technologies, creating a unique blend of jazz, pop, and fusion. They have performed on some of the most prominent stages in Italy, Europe, USA, and Russia, sharing the stage with national and international stars like Mario Biondi, Marco Mengoni, The Swingle Singers, Gigi D’Alessio, Luca Barbarossa, Andrea Bocelli, Fiorello, Morgan and Giorgio Panariello. Their first album, “Cement” (2007), secured Italy’s first ever triple nomination in the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARAs). It later reached the top of the Italian iTunes download chart and kept the first position for over a week, surpassing artists like Madonna and Coldplay. Their rise to the top continued with their breakout appearance on the first season of Italy’s X Factor, winning over their mentor Morgan and millions of fans. Cluster’s subsequent albums, “Steps” (2009) and “Christmas Present” (2010), received a total of 12 nominations and 5 awards in the CARAs, including Best Original Song and Best Holiday Album, establishing Cluster as the most award-winning Italian vocal group in history. Cluster’s released their first Italian album in 2015.

Cluster是意大利的頂級人聲樂團,在2004年由五位熱那亞音樂學院的學生成立。他們通過新穎的編曲與先進科技結合,將人聲推向前所未有的高度,創造出獨特的爵士、流行,以及融合音樂。Cluster曾在意大利、歐洲、美國和俄國等眾多著名的舞台上展現風采,並曾與Mario Biondi、Marco Mengoni、The Swingle Singers、Gigi D’Alessio、Luca Barbarossa、Andrea Bocelli、Fiorello、Morgan、Giorgio Panariello等國際級的巨星同台演出。他們在2007年發行的首張專輯「Cement」是意大利樂團中於Contemporary a cappella Recording Award (CARAs) 首次獲得三項提名的專輯,專輯發行後更奪得意大利iTunes下載榜單的冠軍,並力壓Madonna和Coldplay等藝人佔據榜首超過一周時間。Cluster在意大利X Factor節目中的完美表現,為他們贏得了導師Morgan和數百萬粉絲的喝彩。樂團2009年的第二張專輯「Steps」和2010年的「Christmas Present」獲得了CARAs共12個提名和5個獎項,包括最佳原創歌曲和最佳節日專輯,這讓Cluster成為了意大利歷史上獲得獎項最多的人聲合唱組合。樂隊於2015年發行了他們第一張意大利語專輯。

Facebook Page: Clustervocal 

Instagram: clustervocal

Upper Structure (US 美國)

Upper Structure was founded in 2015 at Berklee College of Music. In 2018, they released their first studio album, “Bridges”. Shortly after the release, their rendition of “She Used to Be Mine” was recognized on the Best of Collegiate A Cappella 2018 album. In addition to this award, they were awarded first place at both their Quarterfinal and Semifinal, and finished second place overall at the International Championship of Collegiate A cappella (ICCA) Final. Through all of its success, Upper Structure remains focused on the one reason the group started in the first place: creating unity through music. In bringing an emotional, empowering, and innovative view to the music they perform, the group has created a family with each other, as well as sharing this family to the world around them.

Upper Structure在2015年於柏克理音樂學院成立,並於2018年發行了首張專輯「Bridges」;專輯很快便憑「She Used to Be Mine」被冠以2018年最佳學院式無伴奏合唱專輯之一。除此之外,他們還在國際學院式無伴奏合唱錦標賽(ICCA)半準決賽和準決賽中都拔得頭籌,並最終獲得總決賽第二名佳績。Upper Structure一直牢記樂隊成立初衷:用音樂團結個體。他們的音樂表演豐富情感、充沛力量及新穎視角,同時成員們彼此間的感情也愈發堅固; Upper Structure希望能和世界分享這個大家庭。

Instagram: upperstructureacappella

VOX Vocal Band 玩聲樂團 (Taiwan 台灣)

Discovered by the influential Taiwan music producer Lee Shou-chuan, VOX Vocal Band, Taiwan’s very first professional male a cappella group was formed in 2012. They devoted themselves in promoting “Mandarin-Pop” a cappella music. No matter it’s the original music or covers, their music is well liked and accepted by the crowds. They are indeed the most popular and energetic a cappella group in Taiwan. In 2008 and 2011, The Public Bath House Vocal Group (precursor of VOX Vocal Band), took part in Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival Competition, and won Gold Award-First Prize, Best Jazz Piece, Best Mandarin Piece, and Best Solo in both years. They also received Best Stage Performance in 2011. In 2009, they also won Gold Diplomas-First Prize, Pop Category in International A Cappella Competition. VOX’s first album “Chocolate” was nominated in the 25th Golden Melody Award as Best Singing Group. Album “VOX 2” was nominated as “the best 20 albums in year 2016”. The song “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” got the Best Recording Award and was nominated in the Best Arrangement in BEEHIVE AWARDS, China in year 2017. Their album “VOX 2” was nominated in 2017 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARAs) as Best Asian Album. VOX toured around the world, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Mainland China, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Austria, and Germany. They have more than 500 concerts since they started.

玩聲樂團由台灣流行音樂教父李壽全發掘,於2012年組成台灣第一支純男聲的職業人聲樂團,並致力於在亞洲地區推廣「華語流行」的無伴奏合唱音樂。玩聲樂團不論是創作或是翻唱,都在各界得到廣大的回響,是台灣最受歡迎且最具話題性的人聲樂團。成立之前,玩聲樂團的前身「公共澡堂」已在2008年以及2011年參與台灣重唱藝術節重唱大賽均獲得金牌第一名的成績,並獲最佳爵士歌曲、最佳中文歌曲及最佳主唱等獎項,2011年他們還被授予最佳舞台呈現獎。樂團2009年在奧地利格拉茲的「Vokal.Total」國際重唱大賽斬獲流行組金牌第一名。2013年,樂團發行首張專輯「朱古力」,專輯入圍第二十五屆金曲獎最佳演唱組合,2016年的第二張專輯「VOX 2」即入選「台灣2016年度二十大專輯」榜單。玩聲樂團對「夜空中最亮的星」一曲的改編在2017年演繹獲得中國蜂巢獎,最佳錄音獎並入圍最佳編曲獎。同年,專輯「VOX 2」入圍美國「現代a cappella錄音大獎」(CARAs)最佳亞洲專輯。玩聲樂團的巡演足跡遍佈美國、加拿大、日本、中國大陸、菲律賓、馬來西亞、汶萊、越南、泰國、印尼、柬埔寨、奧地利、德國,巡演累計超過500場演出。


Facebook Page: voxvocalband

Instagram: vox.a_cappella

Groundbreaker@HKMM (HK 香港)

Founded by 6 experienced singers, the Groundbreaker@HKMM is an uprising vocal group. With a repertoire of strong beat music like Electronic Dance Music, they commit to unveil the endless possibilities of the human voices. Recently, in addition to their presence in the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, they also performed for the FIVB Volleyball Nations League in HK Coliseum, HKFYG International a cappella Festival - a cappella Extraganza in Queen Elizabeth Stadium, and performed in the Vocal Asia Festival held in Taiwan, all with unparalleled receptions.

Groundbreaker@HKMM由6位富經驗的歌者組成,他們擅長富強勁節拍的EDM電音風格 ,勢要令觀眾重新思索對人聲的既有觀念。近期,Groundbreaker除於上海在中國國際進合博覽會代表香港演出外,亦獲邀參與2018香港國際無伴奏合唱節─國際無伴奏音樂盛典,並為FIVB世界女排聯賽2018擔當表演嘉賓;他們亦參與了於台灣舉行的Vocal Asia Festival,甚受好評。

Instagram: the_hong_kong_melody_makers


Passingers@HKMM (HK 香港)

Passingers enjoys to share their delighting music in the fast-paced city. On top of their extensive performance experience, The 7 members have a diverse professional background and unparalleled passion for vocal music. In addition to TV appearances, they have been invited to guest-perform in the Celebration of the 68th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China Variety Show, FIVB Volleyball Nations League, both in Hong Kong Coliseum, in Transportation Department's 50 Anniversary Reception, and also in the 2018 Hong Kong International a cappella Festival - a cappella Extravaganza, among many other occasions.


Instagram: the_hong_kong_melody_makers

St. Stephen's College - Prayers (HK 香港)

“Expressive and touching performance.”
“Excellent emotion.”
“Nice Vibe”

2018, 2019Hong Kong International Acappella Contest

Previously known as Seven Dollars, Prayers consists of senior students of St Stephen’s College Choir who are passionate about singing acappella music, and often spend their post-choir-rehearsal time and lunch time singing acappella music arrangements in every corner of our campus. With the inclusion of an extra vocal percussionist this year, the group managed to spice up their performances with the luxury of two bass-vocal percussionist, and clinching their first vocal band championship in the Hong Kong International Acappella Contest.

Prayers 前身為「七蚊雞」, 由聖士提反書院合唱團一批高年級同學所組成。他們熱愛無伴奏合唱,經常於校園不同角落排練及演唱。今年新加入一位團員,合共有兩位男低音兼人聲敲擊的八人組合令Prayers 能夠演唱時有更豐富的音色及編曲,並於2018年自學校開辦無伴奏合唱組合以來首次成功奪得香港國際無伴奏合唱比賽(中學組)的殊榮。